Sunday, November 13, 2011


News Release

The oak island members of a corrupt money making scheme society got exposed in a lengthy investigations individuals capered a internet scheme to own the internet under the oak island name on the search engines.

This scam was sought out by the yours truly the crusader and I unveiled the characters involved by taking out the ring leaders jo atherton, danny hennigar and a bizarre man friend to danny hennigar jo atherton that went by many alias like Paul Wroclawski they together with other patrons from there oak island forum that they corrupted set out on a hate revolt aimed to destroy a native mans reputation until I got wind of it there estrange scheme and threw it back in there face 10 fold by exposing them out into the open on the internet.

folks don't ever try there gready scheme ever or this will happened.



News Release

Oak island money pit shameful idiots has ran & hid like little scares arses after idiotically ranting the internet like mad mental men,

or old oak island freemasonary b.s geezer FARTS I should say? "Glen Beck doing a impression of oak island treasure whiners." devious CULT got back what they deserve, there is no such thing as bad groups of people just bad leadership.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Absurd Oak Island Bitches

Oak Island play of ignorance has shown its face & with googles search engines leading the movement, this negative treasure mystery has certainly rotten itself to the core. And also has the nova scotia's oak island mahone bays bigotry act and its hidden racism agenda that of couse spewed out on the internet in the last 5 years by internet perverted punks hence to paul wroclawski? or whatever bogus name he is pissing himself off as to normal people?

Your Freind


Enjoy the native oak island theory its the best kind of treasure hunting link

Friday, September 17, 2010


Another club corrupted in the oak island mystery, friends of oak island society another group of idiots pandering attention corruptly. Don't be fooled the people that are in these oak island forums are two faced you might say they are an evil cult with freemasonry bizarre connections friends of oak island society throw no support to them in terms of money they are crooks in sheeps wool they are trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes they are corrupted.

The people in these oak island treasure forums are linked to computer hacking internet, racism, defaming bad behaviors and the list goes on with these dishonest oak island forum buggers.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Paul wroclawski a well-known internet cyber stocker with mental issues, jo atherton danny hennigar mildly retarded oak island website crooks devised this insane laughing stocking crusade as they followed specific prominent oak island researchers/patrons across the internet using idiots from there nutty obsessed oak island forums:, these and other oak island forums are pretty much unwelcome on internet websites, devious intrusive wacko behaviour would be a reason why? Recording & Telling there past messed up behaviors is something everyone should know of before confronting these unsavory characters.

God Bless,


Saturday, June 5, 2010

WWW.THUNTING.COM ATTENTION BEWARE OF THIS WEBSITE is known to have malicious tendencies to cause your personal life harm through bad internet scandalous behaviors. Oak Island disapproves diligently of’s intrusive conduct, by them using unsavory extreme manipulation to gain ones prominent good reputation by them using bizarre devious scheming methods, it’s a estrange internet ploy for to attract attention in order to promote their corrupted dubious website - forum.

Website Warning Alert of Beware of; be advised with caution to people that frequent: – –, likewise to all Internet servers in fact.

Website held onus - culpability to this internet scandal.

Crusader ;)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Keith Ranville Anyone Familiar with Racy Oak Island Forum Crap

Looks like the treasure moron bug has flared like hemorrhoids among the once again, hackers is leading the racy hate posting thread as some kind of revenge perversion on the oak island quirky forum against Canadian natives.

This is whats wrong with these oak island forums, they used them as weapons to do some character assassinations with ill intent on the internet. And many of these idiots are full of anonymity crap this is why oak island forums are avoided because of retarded bizarre rhetoric coming from these forums. You have to ask yourself whats wrong with these oak island forums they have a bad reputation on the internet for slamming people of other cultures sct.. because it don't suit there bizarre agenda. Oak Island trolls is it internet terrorism that would be a'' yes''.

Take Care People